Institutional Scholarships

In its efforts “to be the college where every student succeeds”, various CCA departments and faculty groups have created scholarships to support different types of students to have the resources to start, stay on and complete the path to a college credential.

Presidential Scholarship Program

CCA’s Presidential Scholars Program promotes academic excellence, leadership development and inclusive excellence. Students are awarded a $3,000 scholarship and are expected to attend leadership development workshops, engage in professional career mentoring, and act as an ambassador for CCA. Eleven students will be selected for a Fall semester cohort, one of which will be an Amazon Career Choice employee.

DREAM Scholarship

Recognizing that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students and undocumented students do not qualify for federal financial aid, CCA and its LatinX Faculty and Staff Association launched the DREAM scholarship in 2018. Providing $1,500 per year, the DREAM Scholarship supports students who desire to complete a college credential regardless of their immigration status and ability to access federal assistance. The DREAM scholarship requires students to meet with their specific academic pathway advisor and meet monthly with a college mentor (one of CCA’s faculty or staff members).

ACE Scholarship

This scholarship is available to CCA Concurrent Enrollment students who wish to continue their academic studies with CCA after graduating from high school with at least 6 Concurrent Enrollment credits from CCA. The ACE Scholarship also supports students who completed an ASCENT year but have 1-3 semesters more to earn their degree or certificate.

Center for Adult Education Student Success Scholarship

This scholarship supports students enrolled in CCA’s English as a Second Language (ESL) and High School Equivalence / GED programs. Help jump start a student’s preparation for college and life success.

Community College of Aurora Foundation

Devoted to supporting the success of CCA in its commitment to student success and high quality education