Foundation Scholarships

Recognizing that certain student populations face unique headwinds to completing a college credential, the CCA Foundation has created several scholarship programs that reduce student debt and provide the resources and student supports necessary for college success.

Aurora Gives Scholarship Program

The CCA Foundation’s Aurora Gives Program is dedicated to reducing the mounting $1.6 trillion student-loan debt in America. Dedicated to college access, retention and completion, Aurora Gives offers local students the promise of a college degree without the burden of student loan debt. Upon enrollment at CCA, Aurora Gives participants are guaranteed scholarship funding necessary to complete an associate’s degree 100% debt-free.  Funding covers the cost of tuition, books and fees. Give today and help students earn a college credential – debt-free.

When asked what the Aurora Gives scholarship meant to her, one first-year recipient responded, “The world is what it means to me! If I didn’t have this I would be paying for school with loans. I know CCA is not that expensive, but without Aurora Gives, I would have been forced to take on significant debt.”

COSI Scholarship

This scholarship is a subset of the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) and provides financial support to student parents that participate in specific programming led by CCA’s Student Advocacy team.

The cost of childcare is a significant barrier for most student parents; add in school, work, and family responsibilities, it creates unique headwinds for student parents as they navigate the college journey. This scholarship and the supporting programming for student parents has led to a significant rise in the average Grade Point Average (GPA) and degree completion rate for student parents.

Fall-to-Fall Scholarship

Fall- to-Fall Scholarships provide financial resources for students during the summer semester, a time students have limited access to Federal Financial Aid (like the Pell grant). Students who take classes in the summer are significantly more likely to enroll the next fall semester and will complete their college credentials at much higher rates than students who do not stay continuously enrolled. This scholarship provides financial resources to pay for one 3-credit summer course (roughly $580).

Fox Finishers Scholarship

Several donors and corporations like Nelnet have partnered with CCAF to create a Fox Finishers Scholarship to support students with 15 or fewer credits remaining to earn their college degree. The Fox Finishers Scholarships helps students in the last mile of their journey to college completion.

Community College of Aurora Foundation

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