Why Giving Matters

A little goes a long way at the Community College of Aurora.  When you make a donation to the CCA Foundation, you join hundreds of alumni, parents, friends, students, faculty, staff and businesses who support the CCA Foundation each year.  Your donation can make a difference and provide for a variety of scholarships offered through the CCA Foundation.

Below are key ways your donation makes an impact towards our mission:

  1. With your donation, lives are changed. Only with donations from private donors is CCA able to sustain its degree programs and classes – making it possible for students to discover their passions and live their dreams.

  2. Your gift will be felt for generations. When you make a donation to the CCA Foundation, your support will benefit CCA now and well into the future. Years from now, your legacy of generosity will live on through the students and programs your donations support.

  3. Our community benefits from your generosity. Each year, about 11,000 students attend CCA to obtain enhanced learning opportunities, certificates and degrees. These student replenish the state’s economy as new professionals and emerging leaders. Many of these students would have been unable to take this life-changing step without your donations.

General Scholarships

CCA Foundation scholarships are awarded each academic year and offer students the opportunity to earn an associate degree or its equivalent, establish eligibility to transfer to a four-year institution, or certify in a vocation that provides a family-sustaining wage. Scholarship beneficiaries range from working students to those specializing in specific fields such as math, art and the health occupations.

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Aurora Gives Scholars

Through a unique partnership between the CCA Foundation and Aurora Public Schools’ Aurora LIGHTS Career Pathways, the CCA Foundation is providing graduating high school seniors with debt-free access to an associate degree from CCA in two years or less.

Students must be nominated by an Aurora LIGHTS Career Pathways coordinator in order to qualify for the Aurora Gives Scholars scholarship.

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Interfaith Institute

Help send our students to the Interfaith Leadership Institute in Chicago, August 3-5, 2018. In order to make this happen, we need to raise $2,300 (in addition to the $3300 we have already received from other donors) to cover the cost of travel, lodging, and conference registration fees. Students  who go to the Interfaith Leadership Institute (ILI) in Chicago will have the opportunity to (1) deepen their knowledge of and commitment to their own faith traditions, (2) develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the faith traditions of others, (3) learn to build meaningful relationships across the lines of religious and cultural difference, and (4) more effectively mobilize our campus and community to engage in interfaith cooperation.

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Fast Forward Scholarship

Thousands of Aurora area high school students are part of a program that allows them to take CCA classes to earn college credit and credit toward high school graduation. The CCA Foundation provides these Concurrent Enrollment students with the opportunity to continue and complete their education at CCA.

Students must participate in Concurrent Enrollment with CCA and be nominated by a participating sponsor in order to qualify for the Fast Forward scholarship.

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