Teddy Mekuria

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I graduated from high school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 1987 before working in several government offices. I did human resource management, property management, and served as a personnel officer. I made my way to the United States in February 2012 with my wife, Zinashwork, and daughter, Etsubdink, with the thought that I would need to return to school and change my career focus. I settled in Colorado last summer. Friends I knew attended CCA and led me to enroll here. They spoke highly of the instructors and staff, facilities and curriculum, and it was convenient to my place of residence. I knew upon my entry to the college that I wanted to pursue a career in nursing and was excited to learn about the Integrated Nursing Pathway and its partnership with University of Colorado. Nursing means a great deal to me personally. My father died four years ago of colon cancer, and the care that he received from his nurses prompted my future career choice. I am passionate about helping people in the health sector and one day hope to become a nurse anesthetist. I find the science of anesthesia fascinating, so I’m focused on working hard to attain my goal. I’m confident my dream is attainable thanks to the unwavering support of my family. I also owe special thanks to many of my CCA instructors for their guidance, especially Daniel Schwiessing, Meredith Folley and Ruby Eichenour.