Steven Edo

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War filled my early childhood, and when my father was killed in a dispute between rival tribes in my home country of Rwanda, I thought my life was ending. I was only 4 when a tourist found me sleeping on my father’s lifeless body. But this beautiful woman saved me, even while my four siblings and my mother were whisked to a refugee camp without me. Betty adopted me and took me to Denmark. Six years later, my family began searching for me, found me in Denmark and a new chapter of my life began at age 10. I returned to Rwanda thinking I had finished my education after graduating high school. But when I asked my birth mother, Julienne, what I should do next, she said, “By the grace of God you will continue your studies.” She had no money to send me to school, but I was fortunate to be relocated to the U.S. with my family. I attended Hinkley High School in Aurora and my educational journey began anew. I’m currently studying Business at CCA, since my passion is to improve the lives of others by creating jobs so that they can support their families. I want to be a success, so I can support my own family, too, and help them forget its past. My plan in the next five to 10 years is to own a company, adopt orphans and help widows who have nowhere to look for help. I want to thank both of my moms and Shari Holder, who’s helped me with her encouragement and knowledge.