Monica Chairez

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I was 17-year-old high school student at Martin Luther King Jr. Early College in Denver when I got married and had a daughter, Danarely. My last semester was memorable for the fact I was bedridden and unable to attend classes. I turned in my assignments every week and earned my degree. That in itself was a personal triumph, since no one in my family had ever graduated high school, much less attended college. I took two years to be a mom, joined the workforce in a retirement home and then began serving as a program leader at Westerly Creek Elementary in Denver. All along, I planned on returning to school and did so when I enrolled at CCA in Fall 2013. Because I’m a young mother, and also due to my work schedule, most of my courses are online. I don’t know how I manage to do it with work and family obligations, but I have. I’ve taken classes in Math, Consumer Behavior, Composition and Reading, and Early Childhood Development. It’s made me see that I can do more than I tell myself and that anything’s possible if I put my head into it. I couldn’t have juggled it all, though, without the support of my husband, Omar; my parents, Jorge and Bertha; and the rest of my family and friends. I plan on obtaining an associate degree and transferring to a four-year school to pursue a future in accounting. I really think I’ll be able to become who I want to be.