Mojahida Khazi

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Education has always been important to me. By attending college and giving myself an education, I am handing myself the keys to success in life. Education has helped me develop mentally and morally. Education will help me financially by getting a good job and becoming who I want to be. Most importantly, education has helped me become a critical thinker. A critical thinker uses logic when deciding on what to do and what to believe. Education can also lead one to the right direction in life. When I took “Introduction to Philosophy” with Sarah Geis, I learned what I had not known about myself, which was that I love philosophy. That realization led me to take an ethics class, which also has become an important part of my daily life. We all have to make ethical decisions every day, and the course has helped me define the nature of an ethical act. Philosophy now consumes my studies, whether it’s taking classes with Thomas Drury or David Spiegel. Now, my goal is to get an Associate of Science degree and a Certificate of Achievement in Philosophy. I then will continue my education with the hopes of studying Pharmacy or something else related to the medical profession. Thanks to my experiences at CCA, philosophy will remain front and center as I continue my academic studies, as I plan to pair it as a future minor to the major I ultimately choose.