Passing the Torch: Message from Amy McLaughry (Former Board President)

Amy McLaughry


Change – Some people love change and some people would rather things stay the same.  The Community College of Aurora Foundation has been through a lot of change in the last 24 months, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

The Foundation had a change in leadership, the Foundation worked with the college to transfer the land and buildings to the college which will allow for long term growth, and the Foundation started a great new scholarship program called Aurora Gives Scholars which provides students an opportunity to a debt free Associates degree. And this is only a few of the changes we have experienced.

But, most importantly, the Foundation is still here to support the college and the students who attend the college.  During the last three years, your support has enabled the Foundation to provide over $1 million to nearly 900 students.  We are raising money to support those who are 1st generation college students those who do not qualify for financial aid, those students who have exceptional grades and want to continue at a small school before going to a 4-year institution, and for everyone else in between.

Being able to provide financial support for those students who want to improve their lives, is why I am still involved and continue to support the Community College of Aurora Foundation.  Hearing the stories of our scholarship recipients like Jesus Calderon and knowing the differences we are making in their lives because of your generosity is what keeps me coming back year after year. Change has been good for us. We are stronger than ever and look forward to continuing the great work that has become the backbone of why we exist. We understand that it may have been sometime since we last sent you a newsletter, but please update your information with us so that we can keep you informed. CLICK HERE


— Amy McLaughry, Treasurer, Former Board President



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