CCA Foundation 2016-17 Impact

Year Re-cap


Scholarship data:

  • $495,067 in Scholarships Awarded
  • 75% of scholarship recipients were first Generation students
  • 70% were students of color
  • 71% were Pell eligible
  • Average GPA of a scholarship recipient: 3.18

CCAF scholarship recipients received an average of $2,015 for the year. The in-state tuition/fees for a 3-credit hour course is $508.15 after COF. On average, a higher percentage of scholarship recipients are female, minority, first-generation, Pell-eligible students that have declared majors as compared to the overall CCA student population. Scholarship recipients earn 90% of the cumulative credits they attempt. On average scholarship recipients have higher cumulative GPAs as compared to the average for all CCA students. According to CCA data, 40% more students graduate when they receive a multi-semester scholarship.


Aurora Gives Scholars Program

Three years have passed since the initial launch of the Aurora Gives Scholars program in spring 2015. Since then, the Foundation has a total of 19 scholars, 3 of which have finished their degree’s at CCA and transferred to four year institutions. The Aurora Gives Scholars program was created to provide select graduating high school seniors with debt-free access to an Associate Degree from the Community College of Aurora (CCA). The Scholarship will fund the cost of tuition, books and fees through completion of an Associate Degree at CCA, and provide students with a Chromebook, providing they forego federal loans during their enrollment in the program. Award packages will be funded through the CCA Foundation, as well as applicable federal and state financial aid. This scholarship requires each recipient to: forego application for and receipt of federal or private student loans; maintain a GPA of 2.5; take consecutive semesters; declare a major; complete his/her degree in two years or less; and participate in financial literacy course while enrolled at CCA.

We are pleased to announce new community partners like ACE Scholarships, Boys Hope Girls Hope, Denver Urban Scholars, ELK (Environmental Learning for Kids), Goodwill, KIPP Colorado, Lotus School for Excellence, Ridge View Academy, Teen Court, Youth 4 Success,  YMCA Denver. We would like to thank our existing partners as well – without your partnership and support, this opportunity would not exist!